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The belief that one is the best at something. However spelling it incorrectly like this makes you look like a douche.
Random blogger: I'm sorry, you must not know who I am. I'm so-and-so, the such-and-such elitest.

Rest of internet: Just stop, it's really douchey and incredibly annoying now.
by sassmastersensei May 06, 2013
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Of, or pertaining to elite. Someone who thinks he/she is beyond everyone else in a dominant figure. A Person who thinks that everyone else is worthless and disabled. Elitests are believed to be smarter and more stronger than a commoner.

Elitests tend to be rude, cocky, arrogant, and very selfish; that's the combination of a elitest.
Commoner: I have such a hard time learning how to drive..

Elitest: Maybe cause your brain is obsolete you common trash!
by Anti-bser-missile October 16, 2008
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n. a person who is above and beyond expectations in a specific field.
The 9 year veteran of Counter-Strike, with the handle "Satan's Little Helper" was an elitest in his prime.
by Hackinyeti August 19, 2007
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