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Sucking, with one's nose, but not like as in 'Timmy, you suck', more as in 'straws suck'. Cannot be done underwater unless you happen to be a water shrew or star-nosed mole.
Sniffing is challenging to do underwater. Lucky us, otherwise we'd be able to smell all the fish.
by Sniffatron 2000 June 25, 2018
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1)To violently smell, deeply inhale

2)To snort
Everyone thought Julie was weird when we saw her picking up joeys cat and sniffing it.

"Remember that guy we met on the train yesterday? He sniffed me, like, right after you got off. Weirdo."

"Oh yeah man, we sniffed so many lines last night!"
by Rosemary stogner October 27, 2013
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