"Snark" is a word invented by Lewis Carroll as the name of an elusive and stealthy monster and has nothing to do with sarcasm or behavioral traits. Writers in Britain's Victorian era often used the word "sarky" (not "sNarky") as a shortened version of "sarcastic." (Just as the name "Elspeth" is a short version of "Elizabeth.") Ergo, "snarky" should refer to something or someone who is elusive or stealthy.
β€œThere’s no need to be sarky,” I said sulkily. "We're doing our best."

Lockheed Martin's latest experimental fighter is snarky because it utilizes the latest generation of stealth technology.
by wmcphd December 29, 2010
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Something a certain somebody would instigate to get the other on bad vibes
It's not underneath behind you..don't look around!
What? Shut up being snarky
What's that?
by Wowthatsblurry July 02, 2020
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