cute and dorky all rolled into one.
you're so corky!
by hitman 123 June 2, 2009
n. A slightly retarded or Downs person.
Ref. Life Goes On (early '90 ABC series)
by Tada98 August 15, 2003
Person who is a slightly retarded or slow.
Damn that boy is a corky bastard
by Player Player March 19, 2003
a derogatory term for someone of lower intelligence, usually biologically rooted (e.g. downsyndrome)

also see (sped)
watch corky get on the short school bus.
by mullett December 21, 2002
1. An idiotic or arrogant white person, with severe lack of culture, religion or morals.
2. One of very few racial slurs that can be applied to Anglo-Saxons
Don't go worrying about Negroes or Latinos, because it's the corky that'll get you when you least expect it
by Y745 January 19, 2004
a nick name for the infamous world leader in priming technology, alan cawthorne
corky is the expert
by benlemmon February 11, 2009