A sarcastic and slightly irritable person you probably met on Tinder, who won't stop messing with your head. Most likely studies humanities.
You know I went on a date with that girl Karen. She was snarky af.
by CowboyHenk July 17, 2019
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Derived from the Phoenician word snark-you.

1) To be as rch10007 on the famous Max-Zuke forum.
2) The internet equivalent of a ankle-biter dog.
3) To interject random humor, sarcasm or unintelligible statements, never relevant to the discussion at hand.
Let's go for a long ride, Lois is snarky today. I think it's that time of the month.
by Wise Old Man February 11, 2012
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"Snark" is a word invented by Lewis Carroll as the name of an elusive and stealthy monster and has nothing to do with sarcasm or behavioral traits. Writers in Britain's Victorian era often used the word "sarky" (not "sNarky") as a shortened version of "sarcastic." (Just as the name "Elspeth" is a short version of "Elizabeth.") Ergo, "snarky" should refer to something or someone who is elusive or stealthy.
“There’s no need to be sarky,” I said sulkily. "We're doing our best."

Lockheed Martin's latest experimental fighter is snarky because it utilizes the latest generation of stealth technology.
by wmcphd December 29, 2010
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Something a certain somebody would instigate to get the other on bad vibes
It's not underneath behind you..don't look around!
What? Shut up being snarky
What's that?
by Wowthatsblurry July 02, 2020
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To be struck poignantly with a snarky, or clever, remark.

A zinger.
The legal runner snarky-chopped the law firm receptionist with his quick wit of things that are cool.
by snarkymarky July 20, 2009
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