Good ol' Kentucky bourban. When you feel like the snake has bit (tension), you reach for a flask (kit) and take a sip.
Dude #1: Man, the snake's been biting hard today. I need my snake bite kit.

Dude #1 (continued): Reaches for flask, unscrews cap and take a nice swig.

Dude #1 (continued further): Ahhhhhh! Yeah...
by Michael-H April 3, 2006
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An Oklahoma female's vagina is too loose, requiring 2 nails in the top of the vagina in order to acheive a satisfying sex experience. When the nails are taken out, the holes resemble a snake bite.
My mom just dropped her 11teenth youngin, so me and my dad had to give her an ole fashion oklahoma snake bite so we could keep fucking her (at the same time).
by sober_noob August 22, 2009
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A hand gesture, done as follows:

1. Put both of your hands in a peace sign, and raise them up, like Richard Nixon.

2. Now curl your fingers over, so as to resemble snake fangs.

3. Exclaim "Kentucky Snake Bite!" and bend your wrist so as to "bite" the air with the fangs.

Congrats! You have just done the Kentucky Snake Bite.
There is no example, as this is an action.

The Kentucky Snake Bite is good for picture poses. It can be done at oppurtune times when the air needs to be lifted, or the mood needs to be lightened.
by Brettus December 12, 2005
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small cicular like red inflamed areas around a womens inner thigh, genitals and butt.
Look at those ignorant snake bites on her ass
by Alliance February 16, 2003
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While doing your girl doggy style, right before you spoog,pull out and bite her on the ass so hard as to pierce the flesh. As she turns around in surprise, spit the deadly venom from your one-eyed snake in her face and yell snake!!!
My girlfriend would not let me sppog in her face, so I pulled an El Paso Snake Bite!
by C,C & M May 27, 2006
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When someone inserts lemon juice anally, then and another person sucks it out of their anus followed by a shot of tequila.
"Last night we tried something new, its called the snake bite"
by GreenWeenie6100 January 5, 2022
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Taking your hands and twisting them in the opposite direction on someone else are. Also known as an Indian burn.
My arm is burning from the snake bite you just gave me.
by Cmhelmuth December 1, 2018
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