When a male is receiving a hand job from a member of either the same sex or the opposite. The participant that is giving the hand job has a two handed grip on the penis of the male receiving (just like how one would grip a baseball bat). Then the giver, while tightening their grip, twists both hands in opposite directions. One clockwise (normally the dominant hand) and the other counter clockwise (the non dominant hand). Thus resulting in a friction burn all around the circumference of the penis.

This action can also me performed by a solo male. However due to human consciousness and pain receptors it will be harder for this action to have the same affect as if someone else did it.

The “Snake Bite” action will result in friction burns in a very sensitive area. This is not for the faint of heart!
Dean: Yo Jack, why are you walking so funny??

Jack: I was hanging with Stephanie on the weekend and she was giving me a handy but then she did something with her hands and gave me a friction burn. So Its a little sensitive down there.

Dean: Oh Shit! She gave you a Snake Bite man!
by 5wampDaddy April 17, 2019
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During a 3 way, preferably that consisting of two women, as the man comes close to ejaculating he gives one of the two women a hickey and continues to ejaculate on to the hickey. Immediately following ejaculation the man must exclaim "suck out the venom!" at which point the second woman sucks the semen off of the first women and spits it off to the side.
Dude I did a snake bite with the two girls last night it was crazy.
by City of Destiny July 30, 2011
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A contraception method. After ejaculating into the vagina, you use your mouth as a vacuum and suck all the semen out to avoid pregnancy.
"Did you use a condom?" "No, I just went snake bite."
by SofaLover May 15, 2010
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When one sucks out his own ejaculate from the vagina as a method of birth control
Bazza came to fast last Saturday, so he used the snake bite to suck out the baby venom
by Jadepugmire March 22, 2018
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This happens when a guy is drunk and having sex with some chick and accidentally blows inside of her. He then proceds to try to suck his own cum out of her, the same way a person would try to suck out the venom if bitten by a poisonous snake.
Friend: "Yo bro, how was fuckin' that bitch last night"

Guy: "Aw shit, the fuckin' was awesome, but I blew in her so I was snake biting for like 15 minutes."

Friend: "That sucks...Literally"
by bushwick bill April 12, 2007
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It's a pinch when you take your thumb and stick it between either your pointer and middle finger or middle finger and ring finger and grab someone's skin between the thumb and whichever finger is on the bottom at the moment.
Boy 1: Hey your mom's ugly!
Boy 2: Snake bite!
Boy 1: What?!
(Snake bite happens)
Boy 1: Ouch!
by Kaheem E. August 23, 2005
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Another way of reffering to the drug heroine.
Junkie 1:"Hey man, let's score us some snake bite so we can have fun"
Junkie 2:"Yeah man....We can rob my grandma for the cash!"
Junkie 1:"Sweet"
by Skitzo 4:20 September 24, 2006
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