Vinyard; (proper noun) as in to be a "Vinyard". One who is worthless and lacks any attribute worth complementing. Not to be confused with Billy Bum
Ayyy, ya man Smush Parker thinks he Vinyard .
by JTW-CLS-SER May 16, 2016
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one who likes whale watching and bushwacking on the beach on the vineyard.
god that Mark is such a vineyarder!
by candybear February 17, 2005
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An extreme prep store as defined by themselves. Part of Martha's Vinyard, a "J.Crew"-like style only more over priced and douchier. Common products are items you may find an adult, who often has an annual income in the mid to high six-figure range, wearing. A style very similar to the ass hole boyfriend, Daniel Cosgrove, in "National Lampoon's: Van Wilder", or Dan Aykroyd's initial character in "Trading Places". Often worn by Frathole or Slutority on the college level.
"Yo bro! U tryna max out your dad's amex? Let's go h.a.m. at Vinyard Vines. Heard the new line is in."

"OMG slut, just bought my new rain jacket at Vinyard Vines. It was a steal for only $200."
by Mason Neely December 25, 2011
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When two homosexual lovers have anal sex over a wine barrel, the oils from the activity slowly fill the barrel. This oil containing mostly liquid feces, semen, blood, and sweat is then fermented for roughly four months and then bottled, sometimes carbonated if by the buyer. This liquid delicacy is enjoyed only by those who can afford it, and mostly used to cater big parties. The majority of people who like it say it tastes like caviar mixed with vegemite.
When Two guys who love eachother, A & B, lets call A Cody, and B Damian decide they want to make love oils in a barrel. And produce their own brand this is refered to as an anal vinyard.
by Nonya business April 22, 2006
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When offer a girl to see your Jewish Vinyard, and really mean your peeled back cheesy foreskin And hameroids
Hey sweetheart, are you interested in coming back to my Jewish Vinyard
by Scurbird September 26, 2020
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