A completely badass marvel hero/villan depending on how you look at it. has some weird ass symbiot suit thats all black with the exception of a spider design on his chest and back.
Venom is going to be in spiderman 3 and I hope he fucks spiderman up.
by Joe April 27, 2004
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Used to describe something so cool it’s got the potential to knock you dead.
“Have you seen Tanya’s new kicks? Damn, son, they’ve got venom!”

“Tell Leo I like his rain jacket. That shit’s straight venom.”

Lizzo is the Girlboss we need. She’s straight venom.
by yung vinyl September 30, 2019
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Early speed metal that influenced extreme metal as a whole, not just black metal. Venom didn't play black metal, they just coined the term.
by Victimizing Blitzkrieg November 26, 2007
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It's when you shart and then reach back grab some of the feces and then wipe it on someone’s face. It’s a reverse Spiderman.
Scott didnt drive this week so he got a taste of the venom
by JTSD April 28, 2007
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the ultimate metal band, solely responsible for the creation of Black Metal.
Some people say that black sabbath gave birth to metal, and metallica raised it. this is not true, VENOM were formed before metallica, and paved the way for today's real, black metal, which is way better than any of the americanised crap that metallica paved the way for.
by MaximusCoolman April 8, 2004
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A tongue piercing that puts two long barbells close to the tip of the tongue to resemble "fangs" like on a venomous snake.
"Wow! Johnny's venom piercing sure is scary!"
by invictus February 19, 2004
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the killer
deadly and lethal strikes quickly
venom lethally poisoned a dog!
by billtron March 19, 2003
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