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An alcoholic beverage.

In a Tom Collins glass:
Five Ice Cubes
Two ounces of Effen Cherry Vanilla Vodka
Fill the rest up with cranberry grape juice.

::: Made famous by Don Geronimo on the Don and Mike Show. See radio gods.
I think I will have The Doni instead of a beer.
by Brettus July 17, 2005
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A vehicular maneuver performed when a car in front of you is going too slow.

The honkey swerve involves pulling up directly behind the slow driver, honking very loudly and then swerving around them while accelerating as fast as possible.

This term is often confused with the "Honk and Swerve", which consists of the same movements.
"Marcus, you told me he was an asshole driver but you DIDN'T tell me he did the Honkey Swerve!"
by Brettus July 02, 2006
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Slang for a mentally retarded person. Just like the word "retard" it can be used to call someone stupid that may not be mentally retarded.
Dude, sorry I messed up. I am such a flat head.
by Brettus March 26, 2008
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A hand gesture, done as follows:

1. Put both of your hands in a peace sign, and raise them up, like Richard Nixon.

2. Now curl your fingers over, so as to resemble snake fangs.

3. Exclaim "Kentucky Snake Bite!" and bend your wrist so as to "bite" the air with the fangs.

Congrats! You have just done the Kentucky Snake Bite.
There is no example, as this is an action.

The Kentucky Snake Bite is good for picture poses. It can be done at oppurtune times when the air needs to be lifted, or the mood needs to be lightened.
by Brettus December 12, 2005
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