A singularly feline display of affection. The kneading, purring, nuzzling, or salivating that accompanies feline affection toward humans.
I found it difficult to read my magazine while Fluffy persistantly smurgled my chin.
by Dorothy April 21, 2003
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Apparently when a cat drools its called "Smurgling" not drooling, it seems cats dont want to be associated with anything have to do with dogs.
This stupid cat smurgeled all over
by Chris Milnox January 24, 2003
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The noise that a close-by speaker makes when a mobile phone is about to receive either an incoming call or a text message.
Tromboner was sat minding his own business when the speaker began smurgling. He glanced across to see what delights his mobile phone would bring.
by RollOnFriday March 4, 2008
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When one makes his woman partner gag on his penis by giving it to her too dam hard.
I SMURGLED that fine bitch soo hard she gaged like a leper
by Mr C. June 28, 2004
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a color of all the colors in the world mixed together.
"Look at his smurgle-colored T-shirt!"
by pinkminicloi November 15, 2011
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The act of eating out after your done with her vagina and cum is dripping everywhere.... so your slurp it up and spit it back into her.
"hey Shane i heard when your condom broke, Carli asked you to smurlge burg it all back in...."~Jonas
"hey fuck you Jonas!"~Shane
by jonas January 21, 2004
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