to have no or lack ass.
by thizz-wha September 7, 2005
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Phrase that means your in a fucked up situation or in a situation not common to your reputatuion
Dude: Your suppose to be some slick shit muthafucker and now look at ya all back of the bus and shit

dude2: Man fuck you
by Dustin Chumley January 28, 2006
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used to describe when a conversation meanders its way back to an earlier point or topic.

Originally named after an egomaniacal college dropout who got the name "pearl" after having pearl-shaped implants inserted under the skin of his penis.
Party Guest 1: My web site uses cookies, but I don't call them cookies, I call them bananas...
Party Guest 2: What?
Party Guest 1: Bananas. Because my site uses a login form on various different portals, you can have two or three bananas from my site for completely different pages. My wife hates bananas with a passion. She refuses to eat them. Banana bread, even banana you see, it all comes back to pearl.
Party Guest 2: WTF?

Party Guest 1: And another thing, since we're on the topic of global ever notice how when you're baking banana cookies it heats up the whole house?
Party Guest 2: Ah, I can see this coming back to pearl now...
by jazzs3quence September 14, 2006
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A phrase that sums up the uroboros of fuckery everyone endures as a human being on this planet.

Usually said in response to a friend recounting a fucked up situation when no words suffice.
S: Remember how I told you last week that Dean wouldn’t stop talking about the “perfectly shaped hole” in the oak in the backyard? Well today I walked in on him...fucking the tree!
M: Can’t say I’m surprised. It all circles back to whack.
by bruhdisease December 29, 2021
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the slogan used by Boomerang from Cartoon Network, from launch, up to its shitty 2015 rebrand.
"Boomerang, it's all coming back to you!"
by MindsEyeTHPS November 26, 2017
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What a girl does show off her butt if she has one, and be or try to be sexy. Typically girls with no ass do this as well to have some butt
Jessica has a flat ass so she arched all the way back when she saw hot guys.
by wowcanunot March 1, 2014
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Unnecessary; superfluous

Used to say that something is "too much" or "over the top."
John: Have you seen the decorations that Carrie put up for the party? There's a lot.
Ben: Yeah, it's all back fat.
by PapaSnowMan September 20, 2019
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