9 definitions by Mr C.

1). Being absolutely full. Could be construed as a negative.

2). Being maxed out. Usually construed as a negative.

3). Maximum price increase allowed on a futures contract in a single trading
day. Almost always construed as a positive, unless you're short.
1). "Man, since the economy turned around, my schedule's been limit up."

2). "My Visa was Limit Up after I went out with that Golddigger.

3). By the time I got on the floor this morning, half my deck was Locked Limit Up.
by Mr C. December 10, 2003
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A group of people who come in to NYC from NJ or elsewhere, via a bridge or tunnel.
"I'm hate that place; it's full up with the Bridge & Tunnel Crowd."
by Mr C. December 10, 2003
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Among the only opportunities a hard-time prisoner would have to engage in sexual relations or intimate visitation with one of the opposite sex (usually his/her spouse). Does not always have a sexual connotation, but in this case, it almost always does.

Of or relating to the marital relationship or to the relationship between a wife and husband.
"No more conjugal visits until we find out who killed Percy"
by Mr C. December 11, 2003
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An establishment frequented by more women than men.
"Paint has turned into a real Pussy Palace since they started ladies night on Tuesdays."
by Mr C. December 10, 2003
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When your breath is so bad that you could smoke a cigar and have a better chance at not offending people.
"Whoa! Larry's gingivitis is gettin bad. He needs to smoke a cigar to freshen his breath."
by Mr C. December 10, 2003
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When one makes his woman partner gag on his penis by giving it to her too dam hard.
I SMURGLED that fine bitch soo hard she gaged like a leper
by Mr C. June 28, 2004
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The opposite of (or perhaps, precursor to) Intercourse.
"I was ready for an all-nighter with that redhead, but had to settle for intracourse instead."
by Mr C. December 10, 2003
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