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Avante garde conceptual artist who added a political, earth-loving edge to the music of a Beatle she married, giving up her personal fame, until his assasination, when she grieved with all of us through music, and eventually re-emerged into art "in her own write", and as his loving, loyal archivist. One who does not compromise her integrity, who loves eternally, who is a sister always.
"Hang in there like Yoko"
"Loving him like Yoko"
"Strong as Yoko"
"Brilliant as Yoko"
by Dorothy April 23, 2005

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The mother of one's child. The connotation is that mother and father do not and never did have any relationship beyond being sex partners. Contrast: ex-wife, ex-girlfriend.
"I thought I was getting a fuck buddy, but I ended up with a baby momma."
by Dorothy November 21, 2004

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A singularly feline display of affection. The kneading, purring, nuzzling, or salivating that accompanies feline affection toward humans.
I found it difficult to read my magazine while Fluffy persistantly smurgled my chin.
by Dorothy April 21, 2003

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An adult female who is involved to some extent in an African American child's life; can be mother's sister but is not necessarily so.
Momma said to go to Auntie LaJuana's house after school.
by dorothy December 31, 2004

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The small bus used to transport mentally and physically handicapped children to school. See also sped speeder, short bus, tart cart.
I knew Cody's brother was retarded when I saw him getting out of the sped sled.
by Dorothy June 01, 2005

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Popular with gay men looking for anonymous sex: usually said of public places.
"The police received multiple complaints about people having sex in the cruisy park bathroom."
by Dorothy November 14, 2004

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adj. - referring to the outward manifestations of Jewish identity such as appearance, clothes, accent, or religious observance.
"Rachel broke up with Dan. Even though he was Jewish, his red hair and Gentile friends just weren't Jewy enough for her."
by Dorothy April 19, 2008

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