acronym for "Squeeze ma titties"
( . )( . )
Yo dat bro ova der was fiiiine. I wanna tell him to SMT and then he can be all like SMD
by Suck ma jewce April 23, 2009
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SMT is an acronym for Suck My Turban. Very popularly used with Asian Indians who wear turbans.
Person 1: Hey! Can you help me carry this dining table to the kitchen please?

Person 2: Nope im busy texting.

Person 1: WOW! You can go SMT.
by MisterTurban December 01, 2010
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smt is short for shin megami tensei a series that made the spinoff series persona both are great
smt v will be great!
by icyaudiest October 26, 2020
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Shiver me timbers, the phrase means "shock" or "sudden surprise," as the wooden masts or timbers of a ship would quake when the ship was hit by a cannonball, or if the ship suddenly ran aground or hit an unsuspecting object -- think "whale" in "Moby Dick" or the great white shark in "Jaws."
One leg Paul: Look, an opposing pirate ship.

Capitan: smt!
by One Leg Paul October 31, 2009
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Shakin my Twat. Some people use SMH, shakin my head when they disapprove of something
I fucked up last night. That guy was so ugly. SMT
by MonkeysForever November 13, 2010
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