1. share my drink; used when at a party or at any event where there are limited drinks and a lot of people
2. shake(ing) my dick; when shaking your head just isn't enough
3. suck my dick; nuff' said
4. save my dad; when your father is in incredible danger and using full words would just be wasting time
5. sausage my dish; when you would like to be served sausages
1. Hey girl. SMD, its pretty tasty and satisfying.
2. You are so stupid. SMD.
3. SMD!
4. HELP! My dad is dying! SMD!
5. I'm sooo hungry. SMD.
by SallyHansen July 14, 2011
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Suck My Dick

A term used to explain emotion in the men's world.
a: you're such a bitch
b: smd

a: i'm so bored, what the fuck do i do?

b: smd
by taye29 July 27, 2009
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SMD stands for " Suck My D*ick"

This term is used when guys/men aka little boys don't get their way when girls don't want to talk to them, be bothered by them, or don't want their phone number. Little boys say this when they have nothing else to say as a comeback or when someone is proving a point and they become embarrassed.
Him: " aye yo, shawty, can I get your number?"

Her: "No, you may not. Thank you."

*Walks Away*

Him: "Ight, bitch. SMD!!"
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by Honest_43 March 08, 2019
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