to say like but in a more enthusiastic manner (California lingo)
And he was all like yeah let's go!
by Cory Masterson February 9, 2004
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BILLY: Hey Susie, wanna go hit that nudie beach up in Malibu and get rid of some of these tan lines?
SUSIE: Are you kidding? Have you looked outside today? It's raining ike crazy out there!
BILLY: Damn. It's raining like all balls.
by HelenHar December 6, 2007
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An additional component often added to the commonly used all over it phrase, thus creating a simile. This helps to reinforce the point and also shows that the user of the phrase has a firm grasp of the english langauge.

When the standard phrase "Im all over that report" becomes dull..Instead it becomes "I'm all over it like a rash".
Shows the true passion and skill of the worker/user of the phrase or there could be some bull-shitting involved.
by Bennno March 5, 2006
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To make an act one's top priority, much like scarfing free breakfast would be for a donkey, were it confronted by an unattended waffle. Usage of the phrase implies some amount of immediacy or urgency to the performance of the act.
Boss: Can you get that done by noon?
You: I'm all over it like a donkey on a waffle.
Boss: Hell yeah.
by David Joy May 16, 2007
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To be the first one to jump in on something.
I went for a slice of Pizza and you were all over it like a monkey on a cupcake!
by BL April 7, 2005
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To be completely on top of something, much as a donkey, when standing over a waffle, covers it entirely.
"Oh, that website you wanted me to finish? I'm all over it, like a donkey on a waffle."
by Jason Kafalas April 6, 2005
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