Friend: how was last night?

Me: it was great my girl SMTS
by Ciaraaa January 17, 2019
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Suck mah testicles.
In a way like teabagging,
But more ghetto.
Person 1: "Hey, how are you?"
Person 2: "You know what? SMT, biatch."
by Rug The Thug. March 24, 2007
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the art of sucking your teeth in disgust of something, to make fun of something, or to code for some type of coonery. Created by Erick Smith
"You know that hoe kayla"
"Well johnny wifed her the other day"
by smitty1423 August 23, 2011
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Short for 'showing my teeth'. This is used instead of LOL by users who follow the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW
Stone the thots wherever you find them SMT
by Hat of testosterone August 25, 2017
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A higher society located in the heart of scarboruogh who technologically advance the world.
I have proven myself worthy of the SMT
by ultimatenerd December 16, 2008
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"sad music time"
Act of isolating yourself and listening to depressing music after something upsetting or embarrassing.
"will you go out with me?"
"Ok, I'll just go listen to some T.swift... smt"
by TripleStanley October 11, 2016
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(v.) acronym for 'Shake My Tail'; in relates to puppies. Usually used by puppies when they are disapointed or when something stupid is being said or done. Also SMFT or SMMFT
Coco (puppy): "The devil created you"
Xzavier: "i know this" said being sarcastically
Coco (puppy): "SMT"
by woofwooof_saysCOCO May 16, 2011
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