As Patrick Swazy gets older, his nice pecs slowly turn into a pair of SMT.

Of course I wont date Karen! She's got SMT!
by gigantic-j-nose May 29, 2009
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There's smt I need to tell you..

Is smt wrong with you?
by Kurt Cobain's son February 19, 2020
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Her: Man that bitch can SMT for all I care.
Her: Yeah i know right that hoe can suck mine too.
Him: okay. (:

Theheo. -,-
by Eff ya. August 19, 2010
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stoned midnight taggers, a graffiti crew formed by stoners in the pacific north west, their only sourse of inspiration is hittin the sweet leaf.
by WaldoFindsYou December 22, 2009
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girl:your an asshole!!

boy:bitch please, make me a sandwich or smd!

girl:HAHAHA yeah okay smt mannnn


girl: ew
by fuckkkkyeaaah January 07, 2011
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Smt means send me this not always sucking my teeth. People usually use smt (send me this) when they see a photo, or comment, more than likely a video that they are really interested in too .
Heaven- like the video I posted on ig(Instagram)
De'arra- yes {smt} asap I love it
by yahfavv.kayyy March 22, 2018
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