someone who likes to suck cocks.
a conversation starter.
hey daveo, what are you doing you fucken pole smoker
by jase the fucken ace November 27, 2007
someone who inserts penises into their mouths on a regular basis.
Cusson is a pole smoker
by Spiffy Spleaf April 20, 2004
A dumbass whom serves no other purpose but to suck dick.
by ... January 18, 2004
Someone that performs fellatio at such an alarming rate that it causes friction buildup capable of small fires.
My shit still has third degree burns from the runin with that pole smoker at The Necto.
by Denis Baldwin December 22, 2003
A nickname for a gay male because he loves to suck dick.
Ted: Hey Tommy you ole pole smoker you...
Tommy: Why? You looking to get your pole smoked or what?

gay fellatio
by TheBigCanucklehead March 22, 2015
My ex-boyfriend Mark is a pole smoker.
by Stacy February 23, 2004