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A rather unfortunate physical condition in which the human body deteriorates as a result of sitting at a desk all day. Symptoms of office body include increased body fat, enlarged waste line, uncontrolled obesity, poor muscular development, and other gross looking physical characteristics.
Bill was in pretty good shape when he was in the military, but ever since he got that corporate job he morphed into an office body. He looks disgusting.
by Great Seany April 25, 2016

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Tortilla hips is a rather unfortunate condition that usually strikes women after pregnancy. Once attractive, hourglass figures develop love handles. Women with carb heavy diets such as Mexican and Italian cuisine are at increased risk for tortilla hips.
Jackson: hey bro what happened to that 10/10 chick Veronica?

Dillon: she had a kid and started eating, caught some tortilla hips.

Jackson: gross.
by Great Seany January 17, 2017

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A Ball Wahl is a term used to describe what a male actually uses a Wahl beard trimmer for - to shave his balls. Contrary to the belief that the Wahl beard trimmer is used on the face, it is almost always used to shave hair in the public area.
Joe: Hey guys, I got a new Wahl trimmer in the mail! Can't wait to shave my face!
Sean: That's a Ball Wahl for your nuts you don't even have facial hair.
Joe: This is true.
by Great Seany June 03, 2017

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Another, more offense term to describe a man's nutsack. The roundish, droopy skin holding two semen engines.
Brett: Saw you leave the bar with big booty Julie. Heard she gives great bj's how was it?

Sean: It was great man. She serviced the shaft AND the meatbag.
by Great Seany January 20, 2017

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Another, more pleasing term for a handjob. Term was made famous by the Starbucks on Idiocracy - where people could get hot lattes instead of coffee.
Joe: Hey man, did you give Rosy the meatbag last night?

Sean: Na, she was on some high school shit and gave me a hot latte - no lotion.

Joe: Shitty.
by Great Seany February 09, 2017

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Fourth and goal describes a situation in which a sexually aroused male is on the verge of bagging a female from the bar (or other social establishment), but the establishment is closing very soon. This "make it or break it moment" can be characterized by high levels of anxiety and urgency. The male must act quickly to seal the deal before the clock runs out or risk going home alone to wank it.
Jeff: "Hey did you see Sean before we left the bar last night?
Greg: "Yeah, he was at fourth and goal with some skeezer right before the bar closed. I'm guessing he took her home to talk business."
Jeff: "Word."
by Great Seany October 03, 2016

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When a male has a highly likely, but not guaranteed chance of getting hot action with a female. Chances of sex are gradually increased by "rounding the bases" or gradually increasing sexual tension between the chosen mate.
Brian's definitely getting that broad in the sack tonight. I saw them getting heavy in the parking lot, he's already got his dick in the door.
by Great Seany July 05, 2016

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