my ex-girlfriend Erin was the best dick sucker ever. Maybe I should had listened a little better.
by willey wonka October 14, 2007
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all of the above are semi correct

N. A derogatroy term used to insult someone who is behaving in the manner of: a asshole, a dickhead, a bitch, jerk, etc.
"Why would u do that! I fuckin hate u, u dick sucker!"
by Chris Dietz 917 232 9501 August 2, 2006
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Can also be used as noun referring to someone's mouth and at the same time suggesting they suck dick with it. Used primarily to describe someone's mouth who talks too much, is too loud, or says something you don't like (relates more to speech than anything else). I've never heard it used in reference to eating.
I wish that loud bitch over there would shut her dick sucker already.

John: Eat shit and die asshole
Joe: Shut your dick sucker and throw down

Get away from me with that dick sucker -- said as a nappy ho tries to kiss you.

Biff: Eat shit and die asshole
Joe: I'm gonna punch you in your dick sucker you little bitch
by Gamblar December 8, 2006
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a dick sucker is a person who fucking sucks guys dick and or penis if people want to call it that
=====D O hey guys he's a dick suckerr hahahaha
by pjdj August 20, 2007
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Someone who sucks penises for a living and gives head for foodstamps. They love sucking on a hot juicy man pole. It gives them energy and makes them feel alive. A dick sucker loves to please people especially other men.
Vitale is a good dick sucker. He can suck a guy dry. I love giving him money for dick sucker.
by clyde Mons December 27, 2007
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