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Not actually sweat at all, caused by sports, sexual activity, regular wear & tear, or other wise. It is the pastey white substance found under the foreskin of a man, usually during warmer weather, or over heating for a period of time with out minimal bi-daily cleaning. Also fefered to as Fromunda Cheese, which is the delighful cheese that you get from-under your foreskin. Incomplete men with out the forskin are not capable of producing this substance, thus they do not have the musk or "mojo" that men with foreskins do have. The poor foreskinlees souls tend to be less satisfying in the sack, and get uglier women.
After my week long snowboarding trip up in Whistler, I was surprised when my wife licked the stinky smagma off my dick head when I got was great, I love it.
by Phenix the Great September 04, 2007
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The sweat produced as a result of intense physical effort by the nutsack, either sexually or through sports, as opposed to normal nut sweat that occurs during everyday wear and tear.
After that pick-up game of basketball at the YMCA I needed to change my shorts because they were soakin' wet with smagma.
While I was bangin' that skank I was gettin' so heated that my nasty balls were covered in smagma.
by XyourXworstXnightmareX January 23, 2005
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A crusty or slimy formation caused from hot or sweating genitals.

-Ball Cheese
-Ass Wax
by brad_sk88 November 15, 2003
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The crust formed around ones dickhead when he is un-circumsized and un-clean. "Uncircumsized Dick Crud"
"The smagma on my dick wont come off its so dirty."
by rottendickhertz August 28, 2009
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Smagma is the conjoined mixture of sperm, and vaginal juice found after prolonged intercourse. It gets churned up and frothy. But it has to be a combination of the both, it can't be one or the other. Not to be confused with a simple wet spot.
It was her turn to get a towel to clean up the smagma, it seamed to be everywhere.
by turnthepagge November 17, 2010
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The liquid-like matter coming from one's penis when an infection occurs from being uncircumcised
The smagma showed he was unclean and infected, therefore I would not give him head.
by vern March 04, 2004
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1.Noun. The penile secretions of a feverish or high-temperature person.
2. The sticky adhesive that conjoins two or more pages of a porno-mag after a person has been in the restroom for too long.
1. He just wanted to put the tip in, but I could already feel the smagma on my va jay jay.
2. I really wanted to read that article in Playboy, but I couldn't get to it with all the smagma keeping the pages together.
by Zen master Tave February 14, 2009
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