to have similar sexual desires as another
She won't let me go down on her, she don't match my nasty .
by anonymous_tales February 12, 2017
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usually spoken in a British accent, preferably essex, Nasty, my dog wouldn't eat that is an exclamation of disgust used when

1.the food served looks particularly unappetizing
2.some hypebeast comes to school thinking they look good but they really aren't
3. When you come in contact with (step in, touch by accident) a dirty substance such as mud.

When saying this phrase, it is key to blast in at the top of your lungs so everybody from New England to merry olde England can hear you.
Person 1: "Eww, are we having day old Mac & Cheese for lunch? Gross.
Person 2: (at maximum volume) "Nasty, My Dog Wouldn't Eat that!"
by Justinofsunnyskies January 16, 2020
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