My breasts are empty. Like two empty socks dangling beneath my clavicle

Someone has let the air out of these balloons for sure
My tits are so empty, soft and floppy
by Working Class Hero January 9, 2021
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A bowl movement that leaves one feeling tired and hungry
Jordan: Hey, Tyrone! You wanna go to the movies tonight?
Tyrone: Naw, man, I just had an empty!
Jordan: Damn!
by jtown2209 August 3, 2010
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When a girl is not wearing any form of undergarment.
by ArenHam October 15, 2009
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1: A person of limited ability, a disablist, a remedial. Little contained in the cranium.
1: "This office is giving me the hump! The boss is being a right Empty today"
by James Devanney August 8, 2007
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A very ugly girl that you know or pass by in the street or club. Used to discribe the state of her Vagina when she goes home. She is so ugly, she wont get sex from anyone, thus, her vagina will be empty
That girl is empty, theres no way I'd fuck that.
by pipparadox March 7, 2009
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emptiness might stem from “slowly abandoning ourselves, not listening to our own hopes and desires.” You might abandon yourself unintentionally or unknowingly because you’re striving for perfection or others’ approval.You might stop caring for yourself while focusing on your career. For instance, you might stop moving your body or getting enough sleep. Abandoning ourselves can spark anxiety, depression, guilt and shame.

feeling numb or alone may I might mention that work is unsatisfying, they feel unsuccessful, their relationships are unfulfilling or nothing is exciting.
You ever felt so sad you Empty?
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 26, 2019
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Empty can of beer. Seldom found alone, it prefers the company of other 'empties' and has even been known to socialise with other brands.
1) Where do I put my empty?
2) Throw your fuckin empties out the window
3) Throw your empties on Mick's lawn when we drive past..heheheheheh
by Berserker December 9, 2004
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