An adult male that still lives at home, has a part-time job at the mall, and sponges off of parents. Activities include; drinking Four Locos,playing Xbox, sleeping excessively and giving girlfriend a UTI. All around, a lazy, worthless individual.
Steve could not get his life together because he's a fucking SLUG!

Justin's phone got shut off again, what a slug.
by Doctorlawyerocketarms February 18, 2014
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a big ass bullet that comes in a shell. Used for shot guns, usually hunting lage game.
I shot a deer with a 12 GA slug
by Rich October 09, 2004
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A slug is a single projectile (bullett) fired out of a shotgun. Usually 50 or 75 caliber (in 12 gauge). Used by Police, Hunters, Military. Sometimes wrapped in plastic for better accuracy, this plastic breaks off on impact.
12,20, and .410 gauges usually availible.

Dude you hear bout that there Mr. Jones? lost an entire leg cuz of that cops 12 gauge and a slug.
by Mike Pahl September 12, 2006
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Pronounced like the slimey inscect.
Also usually pronounced with a sch sound: schluge

Referring to drinking mass amounts of beer, usually at a party, because you don't slug beer alone, however you can just drink beer alone.

originated in Springfield, Ohio
Dude, can't wait to go out tonight and slug some with everyone!
by girl that loves to slug 'em October 15, 2012
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The words Slag and Slut becoming one word, usually said when one is drunk
That girl is a right Slug!
by aim2be October 17, 2010
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The absolutely disgusting feeling one experiences during a mild but long lasting hangover during which one loses all motivation to function.
Lona: Dude you drank two bottles of Colt 45 last night, how are you?

Mike: Gnnnaaa I feel like such a slug right now go away.
by MCLPJ October 19, 2012
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