Acronym; Sean Likes Ugly Girls

Sean(Slug) is the rapper in the underground hiphop group ATMOSPHERE, consisting of Mr. Dibbs as the DJ, Anthony as the producer, and Crescent Moon of the Oddjobs as the hypeman
"Did you get Slug's 5 disc cd set?"
"Yeah man.. S.L.U.G. - Sean Likes Ugly Girls"
"Get out nerd"
by NotSlug December 30, 2004
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dope ass emcee; learn the name and learn the music; part of the group Atmosphere
-What was that badass song you had on earlier?
-Oh that was "The Base and the Movement".
by MickeyChickey October 04, 2003
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A girl with prominent qualites of a "slut" while also maintaining certian no-one sober is ever gonna want to hit that "ugly" qualitites. The combination of the words is popular slang in the Northwest suburbarbs of chicago in where many of the girls reside.
"Dude I'm seeing Brittany tonight, she said she's DTF"
"uggh, why man shes such a slug"
by slugfarmer99 March 24, 2014
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To "slug"somebody is the non sexual act in which the slugger holds someone down and then proceeds to slide their penis across a persons face very slowly so the person feels the mans genitals squished against their cheek, nose, mouth, and forehead.
Billy dipped his penis in petroleum jelly before he began to slug his buddy Mike, which left a penis trail across Mikes face.
by BananaSlug July 11, 2013
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