Young, underage, not physically or emotionally mature person.


1. Childlish, infantine, puerile, etc.

2. For or relating to young people.

2.1 Indicate young person by performance in theatre or movie.

2.2 Relating to animals, for example: young birds.

“Sorry but you’re just too juvenile for me. I like older, matured guys. I hope you understand, Mark”


1. “I have enough of this discussion and juveniletomfoolery. You are my son, and I care about your safety because you’re only a kid.”

2. “It’s very hard to say it, beacuse I’m parent too. I know what you going thought right now, when your child was arrested”
“But he is innocent, it’s very good child. Maybe we weren’t a lot of time with my husband, but I know that Austin hadn’t done it!
“Security cameras show him as he vadalize and stole expensive jewerly. He also admit it was him.”
“Please officer, he is just a juvenile and very vulnerable. He can’t go to juvie or worst... to prison. He didn’t survive this”

2.1 “That’s not fair that she didn’t get this juvenile lead. I’m sad for her. This really mean a lot to her. I wish I could do something”
“If it’s really torture you and makes you miserable, just don’t give up on it. I heard that Amanda have this role. You can talk to her, and maybe she change roles with Scarlett. She even didn’t want to play in this play”

2.2 “Look, there they are!”
“Quiet, you just gonna scare them off. There’s still some juvenile birds in nest. If you scare their parents, they will abandon baby birdies.
by Occxan December 2, 2018
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A rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. He represents the UTP and he puts it down. He's mostly known for songs such as "Back That Azz Up" or "Slow Motion". He lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, but he came right back by releasing the album "Reality Check" with three main singles, "Rodeo", "Get Ya Hustle On", and "Way I Be Leanin'". Some people even know Juvenile as being apart of the Cash Money Millionaires, on Cash Money Records, but he is not associated with them anymore.
"Y'all need to open your ears up, and soak this game up. If nobody don't know ya, I'ma make ya famous. This is 24 karots, but it shine like stainless. Just look at how the diamonds compliment my fingas..."

Song: Rodeo
Album: Reality Check
Artist: Juvenile
by Platinum_Whyte October 5, 2006
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American term referring to going back to the things that you used to enjoy while you were a child. Europeans call it "fun."
Man, I'm juveniling and buying all the old acade games I used to play when I was a kid. Too bad I'm 42.
by hislizard October 27, 2005
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Etymology: French or Latin; French juvénile, from Latin juvenilis, from juvenis

1 a : a delinquent : a young person
2 : of ,relating to, characteristic of, or suitable for children or young people <juvenile books>
Joe is a juvenile because he did graffiti on the wall.
by Merriam Webster July 7, 2004
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The term 'intellectually juvenile' politely describes someone who is unintelligent, unwise or just not the 'sharpest knife in the drawer'.

The term 'intellectually juvenile' applies to a person, or group of people, who are not as developed in their thinking as they should be for their age, education, experience, geographical location, social environment, etc.

Background: Most of the people who are constantly calling other people 'stupid' are well known to be 'not-so-bright-themselves', and thus the word 'stupid' has lost its credibility and power as a descriptive term. The word 'stupid' is overused, low brow and passé.


Jim: Glenn! Did you just call me stupid !?!

Glenn: No, Jim. However, I most certainly implied that you are 'intellectually juvenile'. (said while smiling and in a nice tone)


Jim: OK! I thought you were calling me stupid, and, I was about to get very upset. Sorry.

Glenn: That's OK Jim. Most 'intellectually juvenile' people are blissfully unaware when a person calls them out on their errors, nonsense and lies, and they are generally oblivious when a sentient uses accurate, basic and descriptive words to describe 'intellectually juvenile' people to themselves.


Jim: You are a great friend, Glenn!

Glenn: I know. (smiling that smile he is well known for)
by GlennyJ November 20, 2013
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Kid 1: are you going to do your homework after dinner? Kid 2: no, I'm gonna bang my girlfriend and after that, we're gonna smoke some dope together. Kid 2: you're a juvenile delinquent!
by Hockeytown19 September 22, 2013
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