I can't believe Jess just sluffed us.

Jess is a goddamn sluffer.
by Mr. Rittles June 11, 2005
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Utah word. No one knows it but Utahns...
Ditching class, Cutting Class.... etc.
Lets go sluffing next period we have stupid Mr. Whyfuck, and he wont keep his hands out of the back of his pants.. Fuckin nasty.
by Gabbbehhh June 21, 2007
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Slacking; to avoid work;
to put forth less effort
Stop sluffing in your workout and put forth more effort.
by Southern Momma February 21, 2014
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ditching. It usually applies to ditching school but it doesn't have to.
Use of the past tense is okay too, for example sluffed.
We went sluffing today during fourth period.
I sluffed it during the chemistry test because i didn't study.
I really wanted to go to the beach today but i couldn't because i had to work and i didn't feel like sluffing.
by kerplunk304 May 02, 2006
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You wont be eating any muffin
When her womb has started sluffing
-Amateur Transplants

by Mr Moz January 03, 2008
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Short little ugly fuck
The kid who walks around a college campus that looks like he is still in middle school
by Brian Vetere December 02, 2003
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1. to be behind

2. to fail due to lack of skill or concentration
1. Quit sluffing! We're gonna be late!

2. Bob tries to roll a joint but messes it up horribly.

Billy says "Aww dude your sluffing, how are we supposed to smoke that?"
by Billy McSideburn December 06, 2009
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