Cutting Class- This is a term that is used usually used in high schoolers and middle schoolers. It means to not go to class. Another explanation is, not appearing or showing up class.

Cutting Class can get you in trouble, most common punishment is subspection- if you are a repeat offender you could get kicked out of school.

Usually kids get caught if they repeatedly cut the same classes over and over again
Example#1 - Cutting Class
Person 1 "lets cut class today"
Person 2 "where are we going to go then."
Person 1 "we could go outside,hide in the locker room, or
hide in the stairs"
Person 2 "Ok lets cut"

Example#2 - Cutting Class
Person 1 "Lets not go to class"
Person 2 "you mean cutting class?"
Person 1 "ya, the teacher is absent today"
Person 2 "ok!"
Person 1 "We can leave the school and go to my place"
by Wow966 November 04, 2010
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When you skip class for some ass....pretty self explanatory.
Eg. (Cut class to get ass)

DeMarcus: Look it's Myles he's skipping again
TJ: That boy Myles always cuts class for some ass, i bet he's goin to "see" Mrs.Rain
DeMarcus: You mean the hot MILF Mrs. Ra-- Oh shit he's comin our way
TJ: YEAAAAHH that one...... MY NIGGA *proceeds to dap Myles up*
by Bagsツ July 20, 2019
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It means that you fail attending a class purposely.
Say, you must take eight classes a day but you`ve got something else to do so you cut one or two classes and take the other classes.
A: Hi Anthonee, howdy?
B: I`ve got lot of things to do, I am afraid I`ll have to cut a class (or to cut the spanish class) today.
A:what a pity.Ok, see you in the math class then.
by Fernando Matos January 30, 2008
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