word meant to mean the same as slut but can be used when the sluts are around!
'who you with?' "some slu" 'word come over' "no doubt"
by erb February 6, 2003
The process of smoking marijuana, originated in Lindsay, Ontario.
DJ Skeez: Yo, you wanna smoke a slu?
MC Bangin: yee let's rip it

I smoke slu every day homie
by krpt December 20, 2007
Dresses to flaunt his/her body and acts provacative and indecent like a slut, but unlike a slut: can't get any.
What a slu, she tries so hard and still can't get any.
by pnksktlz September 20, 2003
A girl that is not quite a slut, but minorly promiscious with kissing other boys, and thinks she a better than she really is. aka. a tease (slut minus the t) commonly found in baltimore, MD
Do not call Aubrey a slu Colin!!
by ACnigga October 8, 2006
Either the act or description of something skanky. Can be used as a verb or noun.
Verb: "She slu'ed him last night"
Noun: "Everyone thinks shes a slu"
by jjjjjennnnnn October 6, 2006
to get some head {a person who is sucking your meat}
or u can say it around the person that does give slu

u will use this word in a sentence
Baylor: Yea she slu me off yesterday
Solomon: for real she slu u off yesterday

u will use this word in a sentence
by a;lkdsj February 8, 2007
A word used to describe females of a slutty nature who are not yet physically mature.
plenty of slus here aren't there
by Rob & Sam March 27, 2005