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word meant to mean the same as slut but can be used when the sluts are around!
'who you with?' "some slu" 'word come over' "no doubt"
by erb February 06, 2003
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There are two main schools in St. Louis, SLU and WashU. If you want to be fucking miserable for four years and hang out with ugly girls and and nerds, go to Wash U. If you're cool and want to enjoy college, go to SLU. It's a private, Jesuit university in the city of St. Louis. Are you white, smart, wealthy? Do you drink a lot of beer? Did you go to a private high school and occasionally volunteer? If yes, this school is the place for you.
That girl is wearing Nike shorts, sperry top siders, a vera bradley purse, and carrying a can of bud light in a vineyard vines koozie, she must go to SLU.

Who are those kids bonging beers while repainting an old folks home? probably SLU students.

That girl is really hot! no fucking way she goes to WashU, gotta be from SLU.
by SLUt student June 19, 2011
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A slu is a slut-in-process, meaning she is on her way to being one but is not quite there yet.
A slu is a girl at the club who wants a lill sum-sum wearning hott mini skirt but without a thong. Eventually she will and therefore, she is is in process.
by Jay Dogg January 02, 2007
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Stands for "SWAGGA LIKE US" which is track number 13 on T.I.'s new album(Paper Trail.)S.L.U. is about having more swagger than anyone else and if you listen to the lyrics,you can tell that the 4 guys rapping deffinately have alot of "swag". S.L.U. samples the song "paper airplanes" by a female rapper named MIA in which she says "no on on the corner has swagga like us." The T.I. track features Kanye West, Jay-z, and Lil' Wayne (an all-star lineup if you ask me). this version is straight crack and is way better than the sucky MIA song.
heres an example of the lyrical crack contained in S.L.U. :

Kanye west:

"mr. west is in the buildin', swagga on a hundred thousand trillion,
ayo i know i had it first im christopher columbus... yall just the pilgrims"

"My swagga is Mick Jagger,
Everytime i breath on a track


(No one on the corner) gotta bop like this,
Can't wear skinny jeans 'cause my knots don't fit
(No one on the corner) gotta pocket like this
So I rock Roc jeans 'cause my knots so thick

Lil Wayne:

Mami scream "Papi no mas"
Run up in your shit, just me no mask
Runnin' this shit like I got four thighs
None has swagger like these four guys.


All my verses picture-perfect and they meant to serve a purpose,
You ain't living what you kicking and you worthless,
Looking from the surface it may seem that I got reason to be nervous
Then observe my work and see that my adversity was worth it...

check out the whole song, and no swagger-jacking allowed!!!
by Keith2582 October 20, 2008
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Simply put, a slut. A big, whorish, delta zeta slut. Not just your regular slut though, these are the girls who leave you "itching" NOT for more.
Plural; Slues. Used most commonly by frat boys who learn their lesson the hard way, or the by the smart ones who know to keep at least 100 yard away at all times (especially during mating season - those turtles really want to get theirs.)
"Yo dude, i woke up this morning with a burning sensation"
"dude, did you sleep with a dz?"
"fuck. what a slu."
by FreddydoesCollege January 26, 2008
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"Yeah, she's done that to half the guys at West Chester; she's real slu."

The word is believed to have originated from Havertown, PA, where Bill Hagan, Jordan Frank, Ryan Sweeney, and Jacob Sheetz-Willard first used the term after watching the movie "Teeth."
by mitch-a-palooza December 14, 2009
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This school has a beautiful campus filled with pre-med frat boys, and two types of girls: hot and not. There is no in between. The parties are ok, but the local scene sucks if you don't have a car. If you want to drink and go pre-mad, this is the place for you.
frat boy #1: what are you doing tonight?
frat boy #2: going to a SLU basketball game.
frat boy #1: no come party with us, we're going to drink until we pass out.
frat boy #2; no I can't, I have a bio test tomorrow for pre-med.
frat boy #1: just go hung over.
by mf tucker December 08, 2005
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