A really sweet and adorable guy. Usually has light brown hair and eyes similar to small partial-eclipses with most of the iris blue (the sky) and gold rays (sun)surrounding the pupil (moon) . Extremely smart and well behaved typically religious. Always gets straight A's and is somewhat of a teachers pet. Usually very athletic playing multiple sports; football, basketball, track, etc. Most girls do not notice the appeal of this type of guy when first meeting him, but after becoming friends they swoon at the mention of his name.
Girl 1: OMG, I cant believe he liked my Facebook photo!

Girl 2: Why do you like him so much? He's not that great!

Girl 1: You just don't know him! He's a Baylor!
by Cobra1 December 30, 2014
1. A college in Texas
2. A super cool guy who has much going for him. Many Baylor's are sweet but hyperactive and also have a strong will. Will not listen to authority. Has a very sweet side when others are not watching.
That Baylor just jumped out of a 20 ft tree.
by riple3 February 4, 2010
Would do anything for one person who he has liked for more than a year
Baylor wants to go to the dance with his crush.
by Baylor. September 9, 2019
Baylor Thomas:

1. a loyal friend and companion
2. he's a sweet heart to the ones he loves
3. nice to almost everyone
4. a trustwothy friend
5. he's the best ever
6. sometimes shy
7. always a hardworker
8. never gives up on what he loves
9. will text you when you text him if he knows you
10. isn't a baby but can get jealous
1: hes such a baylor

2: i wish i was dating a baylor
by nenecookies December 4, 2013
1. n. An individual, typically male, who acts in a crude manner for his own enjoyment.
2. v. Causing discomfort or unease by speaking or acting inappropriately.
1. He's such a Baylor, all he does is whip his balls out and put them on the mashed potatoes.
2. He really Baylored that up, now everyone is leaving the party.
by Jason Bourne 2.0 February 4, 2010
Baylor is the gayest asshole you'll ever meet. He smell like rotten cheese and looks like deep fried pizza. He's usually annoying with his dumb self. If u know a boy named Baylor run as far as u can
"OMG is that Baylor the asshole?"
"ahh run"
by Bigwetdaddy December 10, 2019