Aubrey is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is amazing and beautiful and everything you could ever want in a girl. Aubrey is 100% perfection. Once you have her you won’t want to leave her. she is sometimes way to hyper and crazy but it makes for a good time and things are never boring around her. Aubrey is so funny and chill. She is a bit boy crazy but guys love her. She is so athletic and her body is crazy amazing but she is way more beautiful on the inside and her personality is the greatest of anyone i’ve ever met. there is no one like aubrey.
Aubrey just walked past me!
Did you ask her out yet?
Nah...she makes me nervous she’s so beautiful.
by joeyismydad June 18, 2019
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Words can not describe how amazing Aubrey is. She is smart, talented, funny, and just plain beautiful. She is always fun to talk to and you can always joke around her. She is very athletic and has an amazing body.
Aubrey is Smart talented funny amazing beautiful
by MysteryMan215 May 16, 2013
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Aubrey (AW-bree) -- Old French; a name meaning "ruler", or more specifically, "ruler or the elves;" strong; noble
(this is only the name used with females)
-- a girl with a great smile and a sense of humor
-- cute frame : little bust, tight butt, little waist, yet hot
-- pretty face
-- brunette Aubreys (most common) are bubbly, while blonde Aubreys are shy until u get to know them, (at that point they are hyper)
-- are very rational, and mature

-- easily irritated
-- have a no-s**t policy
-- are very confidant
-- most of the time have trouble with their emotions... can be depressed. They worry too much and look out for others more than they do themself, which can lead to personal issues.
-- are attracted to tall, athletic, (soccer or baseball) sweet boys
"That Aubrey's real cute... and mysterious."
"Damn that Aubrey girl is HOT!"
"She's a real friend, you know? Aubrey's always looking out for me and giving me advice."
by whatsthename April 19, 2010
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a super chill girl, easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor

Very athletic (tall, skinny but muscular), typically plays soccer or basketball

most commons are brunettes with blue eyes (that’s the prettiest combination)

Everyone wants to be friends with Aubrey

She is very real, and upfront with you. Never will you find an Aubrey who is two faced or fake

If you find and Aubrey that you think is pretty and you like, make sure to tell her

They also tend to deal with depression, and compare themselves to others, even though they’re perfect just the way they are.

be their friend, be nice to them
Wow, Aubrey is so cool, I really wanna date her but I’m scared

Yeah, Aubrey is hot bro
by imsmartandonlyspeakthetruth December 5, 2018
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Aubrey's tend to be well respected, outgoing, and have a kick-ass personality! As well as beautiful, Aubrey's are sexy and know how to seduce a man like no other! Aubrey's can sometimes be a little too laidback which gets them in trouble. True definition of beauty and brains! Aubrey's are harmless, fun creatures who dont mind being a little silly sometimes.
"Damn, that Aubrey is a real catch!"
"Umm i saw her first."
"Hmm. I'll rock, paper, scissor you for her."
by bAbiigIrlbriEz February 9, 2010
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Aubrey is the most prettiest girl you will every see. She will stick by your side forever and never let you down. She is the most popular girl in school and has a lot of friends but the most she cares about is her best friend and he boyfriend. She is very skinny and athletic. She is anything you want her to be
ilysfm Aubrey :)
by Yeeterson :) November 6, 2018
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Aubrey is a girl, everyone should be friends with. She’s the sweetest kindest friend anyone can ask for. She cares so much about others feelings. Any guy would be so lucky to have Aubrey as a girlfriend. She is a smart and talented person. Aubrey is the fun one of a group. She will stand up for anyone and will ask you if you are ok.
Omg! Let’s go hang out with Aubrey! ~Nat
by Natpat1616 October 29, 2019
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