A group of gay males usually summoned to provide sexual relief.
Those other boys treat me better than you ever will.
by snesh January 30, 2014
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The good son of a family.

He who ussaly gets cursed or chewed out when the bad son does somthing wrong.

The other son acts so bad angering your father or mother that they will simply call you the other boy to save time.
1. Tell That Other Boy... to clean up the damn yard his brother destoryed.

2. My bastard son took off with the car uptown again without asking where and the hell is The Other Boy... .
by Townlife1 October 30, 2011
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Something that Simps say in order to gain the trust of a female.
Come on Jane, I’m not like other boys.
by Heyitsj000 November 11, 2020
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When a certain thing or person acts in a gay fashion (slang: Stupid; Idiotic, Jose), this phrase can take the place of one such as "You are a gay fag."
If I said "You are a gay person," "If _____ was a boy it would like other boys," could be substituted instead. For example "If Pikachu were a boy it would like other boy Pikachus."
by Bik Valbordo November 22, 2007
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