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A pair of short, tiny, slutty shorts.
Girl: I got myself a present today.
Guy: What did you get?
Girl: I got a pair of slutty shorts.
Guy: Oh, you got slorts. So, they are a present for me too.
by Mr. Weebitzy April 14, 2014
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An evolution of jorts: When one makes a pair of cut-off, unhemmed shorts out of a pair of slacks.
When we began this road trip, Lane didn't even know what jorts were. Now look at him...He's gone on and taken it to a new level, and invented slorts!
by b3n d0v3r August 08, 2010
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definition: a whore in between two sluts
background: a slort is a combination of slut and Whore where the beginning of the word starts with "sl" of slut, then goes to "or" of whore then ends at "t" of slut
dude! that slort is willing to take it to the base
by pendejo April 13, 2004
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the noise a rocketship makes occasionally between phewphews and vrooms
"Phew phew, vroom, slort slort slort," the rocketship sounded as it travleed through space.
by AliceInMarshallLand September 20, 2010
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Liquid secretion expeled from the anus when having intercorse,masturbation, or stimulating erogenous zones, when in males is directed from the prostate and its defined as mocus membrane.
"have you seen her face lately? seems like she's been sprayed with slort"
by flashtang511 July 20, 2012
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someone fake. a combination of the words slut, hoe, whore, thot, and idiot. often someone who thinks theyre hot but is really not
ew that girl over there has no ass and a flat chest and shes all over my boyfriend. what a slort
by notkatielol March 21, 2017
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The melted ice that forms when eating a slushie. Notoriously difficult to eat.
Don't you hate it when your slushie turns to slort?
by Michael Yu December 30, 2006
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