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Adj. A state of confusion, often referring to the state of mind brought about by detoxification. Derived from "mostly out of focus."
You need to forgive his blithering; he just got out of detox so he's really mocus.
by Ed I. Tor May 28, 2010
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Adj. A state of unconscious, consciousness. Conducting business on auto pilot. Especially related to detoxification and the resulting state of mind.
After years of drunken clarity, Jan now finds herself in the occasional sober haze. Said Jan, "I was so mocus today, I thanked the Vending Machine for dispensing the bottle of Volvic."
by Anthony Orifice August 26, 2004
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The feeling an individual gets when they are pining for a member(s) of the opposite sex. This affliction is usually defined by the fact that its inception occurs based on the length of time since the individual last saw a member of the opposite sex. The yearning involved with mocus is defined strictly as a longing for sex or physical comfort. This word is usually reserved for the backwoodsmen and foresters of the the Northwest.
Ben got the mocus so bad on a camping trip he humped a log to splinters.
by SouthForkSon June 19, 2013
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