Getting ones ball sack caught in a bicycle chain while riding
holy crap that is one bad slooker!
by torra borra May 19, 2004
Slut and Hooker mixed together
to say to people and them not notice ur saying something bad
that slooker can go lick a shoe
by intoface August 30, 2009
A mixture between the Latin: SLUT (female who toys with multiple men's hearts simultaneously/sleeps around) and the word of Papa New Guinean origin: HOOKER (a human/pretty much any life form that auctions of sex if promised some sort of payment in return)
Autumn Gibbons is a Slooker
by Mitch Rivkin January 20, 2011
A male or female who is both a slut and a hooker.
She has become more of a slooker everyday.
by Sunshine Applegate September 18, 2021