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The act of wearing artificially thin pants to the strip club in order to "shoot a load" from a lap dance. Experienced shooters may sand the crotch area of sweat pants down to a thin state to achieve a desired level of comfort. Applying lube to the groin area as well as shaving of the male genitalia are also common place among shooters.
Joe: Why are you changing pants man, were going to the strip club.

Brian: Dude, im going shooting if i'm going to pay all that money for a lap dance
Joe: Oh shit good call have you seen my sweats?
by Powerful Joe Rogan January 25, 2013
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Karen: The CDC says we can stop wearing maβ€”
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by Callmemaybe69 May 14, 2021
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The act of injecting drugs, most often crystal meth or heroin, straight into a person's vein for an instant rush of euphoria followed by hours of pain and self loathing.
Girl 1: did you see our English teacher's arm today when he pulled his sleeves to in class? The veins were all bruised up and had bulges.

Girl 2: yeah, Well hello. I told you that one of the guys in our class went to his office during lunch and caught him shooting meth and jacking off.
by Pollito_805 August 16, 2018
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Going After a Girl
Approaching a female
The act of attempting to flirt with a girl.
(Word is modeled after basketball players shooting a shot for a basket. You want to land the girl, who is the basket. So make your attempt by shooting your shot.)
Louis: "Damn!, look at that girl over there!"
Hans: "She bomb as fuck. You shooting?"
by K Savage XO April 30, 2015
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The term used for when two people are dissing or making fun of each other, in a matter of fun.
OHh are they ShootiNg?!?
by GReg.A May 22, 2005
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SHooting is where 2 niggaz and a bitch on my bus start crackin jokes
Lenerd:Look it fat boy greg
Greg:oh no we arnt shooting
Kalya the bitch:that why u was born in a dumpster
Me: what the fuck are u talking about bitch
by midnite3334 December 27, 2006
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