Elation or enthusiasm. Liveliness.
The Jazz quartet played with verve. Or, the lottery winner was full of verve.
by R. Tucker September 21, 2006
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To be in musical bliss (a) Similar condition to Bjorkasims where you are surrounded by the power of the music, This condition is known by several names, this is one of the more vulgar.

(b)To have heard Bittersweet Symphony too many times, that your brain cells seem to have recorded the song and plays it back to you at the most in-oppotune times. This takes its name from a band of the 90's-00's which is famous for the songs Bittersweet Symphony and The Drugs Don't Work.
(a) She's in a verve, ignore her.
(b)'Coz it's a bittersweet... Damn! If I hear that song one more time...my braincells have been verved
by Soma. September 24, 2005
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When i was whale watching a white whale jumped, expositing its verve.
by blurbocontender November 20, 2007
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pulling a sucky move in counter-strike so as to triger a zoloft attack of epic proportions
Wow that guy just pulled a verve, and now hes freaking out.
by Validuz November 18, 2004
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I'm verve.
by verve February 20, 2003
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An amazing band that spawned three great albums when they were together. The band finally found commercial success worldwide, with their album Urban Hymns (which is also arguably their greatest work).
There haven't been any rock bands as great as the Verve since their split. They were in a league of their own.
"Have you heard 'History' by the Verve?"
"Yes, It's probably the greatest song ever composed"
"I so agree"
by dublo719 October 14, 2006
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