person who lacks hygene standards, often overweight
that fat-devil is a fucking slob, he hasn't showered in four days
by big pun March 11, 2003
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A slob is someone who is a very dirty, lazy, and ugly person. They never clean, and you never know when you'll find in their rooms. You don't want to step a toe in their cluttered disgusting habitat. But although slobs live in a gross environment, doesn't mean they're bad people. Slobs are pretty much the most amazing people you'll ever meet. (see also fugly wugly.) Even though they live nastily, they're pretty great. Not to mention very attractive. They're so amazing, that you put aside their gross habits and just love them, it's kind of impossible not to. They're the sweetest most perfectest person ever, even though their rooms might not look it.
slob: my room is nasty. I have to cleeeean

girl: then clean.

slob: I don't wannnaa.

girl: slob. I love you though.
by hgielyab May 25, 2011
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1. A term of disrespect to Bloods and Pirus
2. A messy or trifiling person
3. Spit
4. A Blood or Piru
5. A bitch ass member of the People Nation
"Hit a Slob in his lip, watch his favorite color drip"
by Blue April 17, 2005
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a person who is behaving in a way that suggests they are doing something you don't approve of.
by slobcentral September 27, 2015
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One who is unhygenic of their surroundings esp. their enviroment or home. They're considered to be lazy & lack appropriate table manners. They're considered repulsive cuz of their lack of personal hygiene or unhygenic behavior. They spend most their time in their dirty cluttered homes watching television, complusively eating, sleeping, & ignoring their gross enviroment. These people are also called "couch potatos."
Mom: Can u wash the dishes for me? Child: No! I don't wanna! Mom: But they're ur dishes u left dirty in the sink! Child: I hate washing dishes! Mom: Don't be a slob! Wash ur dishes NOW!
by xnamidax November 16, 2011
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an absolute cunt who pretends to be others. they will turn against you when you expose their true identity.
β€œis it really they?”

β€œno it’s slob”
by slob hater <3 May 11, 2020
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