A recognized original bklood. SLOBK "S till L iving O g Bkblood."
Slobks keep slippin
by Ahmose July 31, 2003
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Slob, someone who is lazy, unhygienic, or just generally unpleasant and unfit.

Alternatively Slob is also used by Crips as a derogatory term for Bloods.
Pete: Adam hasn't come out of his room for days it fucking stinks in there!
Alex: He's turned into a real fucking slob hasn't he?

Crip: You ready to
by That_Cornish_Kid August 6, 2014
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slob is a derogitory term to the little blood gang over there, it stands 4 .:.silly little obediant bitch.:.
c-boy #1-"fuck dawg you seen all them slobs outside the treasure coast mall before???"

c-boy#2-"ya man i was clutchin my 9 the whole time i was walkin by there man."

c-boy #1-" fuck dawg you pussy i walked out there and hit every one of them with my baby glock they went down like punks"

c-boy#2- " word?"

c-boy#1- " hell yeah!!!"
by blood killar April 9, 2006
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Still Labelled Original Blood
by G Styles April 28, 2003
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an insult to bloods
bk:fuck u slob
blood:fuck u wanksta all u craps r wanksta
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
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