The act of giving oral sex to a female.
Hey there sweetie, why dont you rap your legs around my neck and I'll wear you like a feed bag.

Im going out to the bar and find me a feed bag.
by ECG/reference Andrew Dyett September 29, 2006
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large bra holding (large tits for having a good time.)
got some oats for big horse went next door. Milf answered door. " I need a feed bag for my horse " she riped off her 44 dd strapless bra!
by itichie_nocanpo June 30, 2006
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Any attractive woman in which you would like to have said woman's legs wrapped around your head to wear them like a horse's feed bag in order perform oral sex on her.
Wow. I'd wear her like a mother fuggin' feed bag.
by acidicmynd March 24, 2011
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(aka P.F.B.)
Noun: the act of stretching the labia majora over both sides of parnter's lower jaw, extended to the ear lobes, during cunnilingus.
James was hospitalized following injuries sustained while performing an extreme pussy feed bag (P.F.B.) on Brittany.
by Theroostergirl July 26, 2014
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When youre engaging in doggystyle, anal intercourse while your partner has a shit on deck, you place a plastic grocery bag under your parters ass on the bed and continue to engage in the anal intercourse until a fair amount of shit has filled the bag. You then loop the handles of the bag over your lovers ears like a feed bag, and continue sodomize them.
Doggy style sex while the sodomized has their shit dangling in their face in a grocery bag until climax is reached by the sodomizer, resulting in the Louisiana Feed Bag.
by Kamineko May 19, 2009
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