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The act of giving oral sex to a female.
Hey there sweetie, why dont you rap your legs around my neck and I'll wear you like a feed bag.

Im going out to the bar and find me a feed bag.
by ECG/reference Andrew Dyett September 29, 2006
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The Feedbag is an extended move to the initial "Muffler" move (Muffler being the act of stuffing a girls panties into her anus)

A Feedbag is the act of removing the Muffler from the girls anus, and placing the soiled garment over her face and around her ears.
"That chick didn't even so much ad twitch when I gave her a muffler, so I went ahead with the full on Feedbag"
by BBawesome August 24, 2011
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Any attractive woman in which you would like to have said woman's legs wrapped around your head to wear them like a horse's feed bag in order perform oral sex on her.
Wow. I'd wear her like a mother fuggin' feed bag.
by acidicmynd March 24, 2011
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A sexual manuever in which the male defecates in his pants, then proceeds to put said pants over the female's head and fuck her doggystyle. Ingestion of said pants feces by the female is optional.
"Tommy did a feedbag on me in bed last night...I can't get the smell out of my hair now!"
by Mr. Marte October 22, 2009
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An overweight, unhygienic or aggressive individual, who shuffles around shopping malls with their mouth open and a dazed look on their face. Feedbags can usually be seen wearing sweatpants, pyjama bottoms covered in stains or stretchy-pants that are way too small. Most times, Feedbags are accompanied by their screaming, and equally as filthy, offspring (Jr. Feedbags).
This Wal-mart is crawling with Feedbags.
by Shane Sellar July 21, 2008
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large bra holding (large tits for having a good time.)
got some oats for big horse went next door. Milf answered door. " I need a feed bag for my horse " she riped off her 44 dd strapless bra!
by itichie_nocanpo June 30, 2006
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1. n. a recently used condom secured by duct tape or a length of string to a person/animals mouth.

2. n. -ger. one who enjoys(or doesnt enjoybut does) eat semen from a freshly creamed condom

3. v. -orphasis. transformation undergone by a recently used condom when secured by duct tape or a length of string to a person/animals mouth causing it to become a feedbag.
1. "when i was done fucking that bitch i made myself some pop-tarts and watched her eat her feedbag inside out"

2. "most feedbaggers after a session or two realize that they have serious emotional damage from early childhood"

3. "lary watched as his condom completed its feedbagorphasis and emerged from its semen cocoon as a fully developed feedbag"
by freecandykids July 02, 2003
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