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a term commonly used in chicago, gary, and other great lakes cities to refer to the bitterly cold winter winds. the term has three widely accepted origins, with acceptance depending on the local group. 1. the term is derived as a result of similarities between the sound of the screeching winds and wailing screams of the many raptors (ie. hawks) in the region 2. the bitter winds are attributed to chest colds, causing one to "hawk" phlegm during the winter 3. is an abbreviation for "howling-ass wind kills" because of the many homeless people that succumb during the winter
The fucking hawk is at 40 and they still won't close the schools!
by gravity5 November 08, 2007

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The stage of arousal that occurs between complete limpness and rock hard erection. In this stage, the penis is about half engorged and is too soft to stand proud and erect but to hard to be completely flaccid. The elevated blood levels give the penis a lumbering, heavy feel. Ironically, it is possible to either urinate or ejaculate in this stage (see: messy marvin). Also, because the penis still hangs low, its increased size makes this stage ideal for attempting to visually impress or slapping sexual partners.
When my girlfriend got off the pill I had to start wearin' rubbers again. As soon as I reached for one I went from rock hard to heavy dick.
by gravity5 February 22, 2007

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A sandwich created in the far south side of Chicago, Ill. It constructed identically to the ubiquitous Italian beef sandwich, but substitutes tender roast beef for gyro meat. Giardiniera is used on both sandwiches
Aye jo; lemme get a gym shoe wit cheese, some fries and a red pop.
by gravity5 February 15, 2007

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A termed of agreement used most commonly in the Gary-Chicago area.Can be used to replace "hell yeah" and other positive affirmations. Short for "ain't it the truth"
This weed is the shit!
(ain't it!)
by gravity5 March 05, 2006

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a term originally used to describe a less than favorable segment of the African-american population. Usage is now considered laughable by most younger individuals of the African-American population. However, it is often used to refer to a pridefully ignorant individual of any ethnicity when preceeded by an appropriat adjective indicating color or environment.
The word nigger is only offensive to those who are niggers.
by gravity5 March 19, 2006

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A Gary-Chicago term used to refer to the act of eating.
Food is often referred to as "beat'em ups"
I about to hit 'danos and beat up a pizza.
by gravity5 March 05, 2006

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a semi-popular alcoholic beverege in the Gary-South Chicago area. It consists of one part white wine (Carlo Rossi), and two parts of brown liquor (E&J or Ezra Brooks bourbon)
We got popped of some brown hornet last week
by gravity5 March 05, 2006

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