A diss to bloods witch means "sorry life of bloods" used by crips mostly
man i fucked dat slob up i let they color show
by Alaskas Most June 3, 2007
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A word Used by Crips To target all Bloods.
that slob ass nigga. I gots no luv fo em
by Tim September 4, 2004
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oral sex performed on a male
"she slobbed me up"
by Anonymous July 3, 2003
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A slob is somebody who doesn't have a clue about cleanliness, housekeeping, and/or hygiene. Typical of a slob, you will find molded dishes in the sink, food slopped all over the stove/counter. You will find rotten food in the refridgerator, mold in the bathroom, and dirty clothes scattered about on the floor. Typically, due to the living conditions, there will be insects/bugs/mites/bed-bugs, etc. A 'slob' goes beyond 'lazy' because the slob doesn't know HOW to clean properly, and is not just mearly lazy. A slob can work a full-time job, live on their own, etc. But their home/car/whatever is trashed.
He is such a slob, I just can't understand his lifestyle. It's so unhygienic that I can't go around his house, because I might catch the flu, bugs will nest under my skin, or something worse. The insects and mold are disgusting, and his clothes haven't been washed in 3 weeks.
by A Po' Mo'Fo July 16, 2008
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Slob, someone who is lazy, unhygienic, or just generally unpleasant and unfit.

Alternatively Slob is also used by Crips as a derogatory term for Bloods.
Pete: Adam hasn't come out of his room for days it fucking stinks in there!
Alex: He's turned into a real fucking slob hasn't he?

Crip: You ready to blast on some Slobs homie?
by That_Cornish_Kid August 6, 2014
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