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an ailment, main symptom being unwillingness to get up and do something. can be caused by comfort and lazyness.
i was going to go to the store and buy some eggs but i got a mean case of the slires, so i ended up watching 3 and a half hours of happy days instead.
by scp February 22, 2005
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A condition in which one is so content that the thought of any kind of action is sickening. The action could seem appealing but doing nothing is top priority during this sickness. A couch or chair or bed is the top location for such an illness. The slires are a wonderful way to get out of work because your action interested friend will always know that a case of the slires is basically incurable.
Sam: Double, lets go bowling.
Dub: Bowling? sounds good... but...
Sam: Ahh shit D, the slires
Dub: Ugh, yeah.
Sam: Bastard, I suppose you'll be on that couch for a while?
Dub: You suppose correctly friend
by Double Dander August 21, 2006
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