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A derogatory nickname for Long John Silver's seafood restaurants. The nickname comes from the fact that the food is very greasy and therefore slippery.
If you're really desperate for food, we could go to Slippery's.
by Eckhard Gerdes December 21, 2006

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To thwack and to whomp simultaneously.
J.C. sure could thwomp that bass guitar!
by Eckhard Gerdes December 19, 2006

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Filler used to complete sentences in written composition. This used to be called "stuffing sentences with straw," but since no one uses straw anymore, the term "styrofoam" is now employed. Anytime the writer cannot think of a specific word that would be appropriate in a sentence, he or she merely substitutes a "styrofoam" word in the construction, which hopefully he or she will later replace with an actual word that has a specific definition. Examples of famous styrofoam words are nouns such as "thing," "area," "aspect," "case," "factor," "fashion," "field," "kind," "lot," "manner," "nature," "process," "situation," "stuff," "type," and so on; adjectives such as "nice," "fantastic," "good," "great," "pretty," "super," "awesome," "terrific," "terrible," "horrible," "funny," and so on; and verbs such as "do," "give," "get," "have," "hold," "make," "put," "take," and so on. Most of these words are commonly used inappropriately, and are seldom used to convey an accurate sensory impression.
The teacher gave my essay an F because I was using too much styrofoam in my sentences.
by Eckhard Gerdes December 21, 2006

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