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A condition developed from a lack of rest. Symptoms include droopy eyes, yawning, and the desire to lie down. Can be treated with the ingestion of caffeine. Side effects include increased urine production and hyperactivity.
Joe was sleepy in the morning after having a restless night.
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
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a matress store that has one day sales every day from 10am-9pm on any occasion.
Steve: Hey Bob! are you going to sleepy's one day sale? its a once in a lifetime event!
Bob: No Steve I was planning on going tomorrow because they have another one day sale! In fact i think this is the 7th one day sale this week!
by lizzie baby February 02, 2006
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when you go to bed with a girl/boy in hopes of fornication and in turn simply go to sleep next to one another.
Taniesha: Did you and Leeroy get freaky last night?
Jamilla: Naw, just sleepys for Leeroy.


Hector: Yo, you get brains last night?
Jose: Naw man, I got me some sleepys.
by Leenis Green April 25, 2008
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EX: aye hommie i just got done smoking two blunts, im sleepy as fuck.

EX: Man my day has been horrible, fuck it im bout to get sleepy
by Brandon AKA Spook February 18, 2008
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Term used to describe something of high quality or high likeability, particularly if it has overcome great odds to be as such. In honor of NBA legend Eric "Sleepy" Floyd
Man, the pepper in this chicken gumbo sure is sleepy.
by Sleepy Floyd October 10, 2007
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