the thing that straight girls say when their friend comes out as gay or lesbian
person: im gay
another person: SLAYY YASS QUEEN
by tartagilasfarts January 19, 2022
act of killing a person; mostly used by dumb cringy ass middle schoolers
by ChupaCulo March 17, 2022
Means to defeat, dominate, win something. Also means to kill something/someone. A word used by the mainly the Britney Army, and other fanbases.

Alice: Slayed*

Greg S : STFU
by The Original Doll January 26, 2014
Verb;(Slaying,slayed,)An old school word meaning to kill. Although meaning to kill, it is used to describe something extremely funny.

Origin: The word originally coming from Shakespeare,which gained a new meaning early in 2010. Those who fail to use the word based on the current meaning are NOT rockstars.
Homie: I rather be shot in the face than not be VIP
Rockstar: yewww slayy meee
by the rockst@r July 10, 2010
a word commonly used as "you rock" or smthn like that lmfao. Some bunch of 12 year old girls often say "slay" if someone is mentally retarded.
P1: oh my god, look at my outfit!
P2: slayyyy, girl!
by Cars (retard) June 27, 2022
To nail everybody's köassnominering and make it as awkard as possible but still preety fun
I just slayyed my skivans nomrinering!
by Grizli26 April 1, 2019
It is a YouTube channel run by two talented people, Abhudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale. They make videos on different popular topics, which are well-received by their audience. They make fun content that people enjoy a lot. They currently have 3 million subscribers. They are most well known for creating the viral meme, Binod.
My friend: hey, do you know slayy Point?
Me: Binod.
by RandomIndian123 September 23, 2020