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a word used when you dominate or do really well on something. also used when you defeat an opponent.
-Dude, I slayed that history test!

-How'd you do in that Madden game against Gavin?
--I totally slayed him, it wasn't even close.

by chicken man1212 September 07, 2007
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meaning that you had sex with someone.
I slayed that girl last night. We went at it all night long.
I had sex with that girl last night. We went at it all night.
by riiiley December 27, 2007
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when you get dissed.
Girl: I'm not giving you my number.
Boy :Well fuck you then.

Boy goes back to his friends they ask what happened, he says that bitch slayed me.
by Pretty2BeDark December 31, 2003
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Buddy: Dude, you fuck your girlfriend at that party last night?

Guy: Hell yea man, slayed the shit out of that pussy.
by Gushba January 05, 2009
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It means really drunk and high or any form of being really messed up. used alot in Florida.
Dang homie last night I was slayed.
by Bezzled August 13, 2007
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The aftermath of an insult.

(It used to be known as "served". As in, "You got served.")
"You got slayed"


"That was a level 4 slayage"


"Damn, bitch. You were just slayed."
by LRTMG December 05, 2005
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Slayéd (slay-edd) = when someone has been dissed, or had anything bad happen to them that deserves being laughed at.
boy1: "Yo where is my backpack? HUHH?? why's it in the garbage can ewwwwwwwww"

boy2: "slayéd! HAAHAHA"
by UR M0Mzzz H0UZE June 02, 2009
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