this word means to to something and do it well.
by SAVAGE-BRANNESHIA February 14, 2017
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To severely shame and humiliate an individual in a verbal confrontation or direct insult; A powerful cut down (usually very clever or rooted in an opponents weakness); Would initiate a response from a crowd such as "dayuummm bruh!".

"Ohh sheeit bruh, that dude juss slayed his bitch ass"
by Purple Lean King April 02, 2007
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An abrubt end to a lively conversation by a single comment.
by East Guys January 12, 2006
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1) What can be done to trolliping whores
2) To drink mad beers and get completely sauced

To slay can be done seperately in either example one or two or a combination of both such as slaying mad beers and gettting completely shitfucked then continuing to slay some trolliping whore you meet during your drunken rage.
D-Rock: Man im so shitfaced id do a fat girl right now
StevieG: Its probably from slaying beers all night

Yo i just met this girl at a party, we're heading back to my place to slay like unicorns.

At the whore house last Mike just slayed every girl in sight.
by G-LACK$ November 27, 2006
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A girl who by virtue is open to fornicating with just about anybody.
"Man I really need to get laid tonight"

"I heard there was some slays over at 3rd street"

"Let us head there with haste!"
by Jodash November 19, 2009
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